“Does your brand want to try some
new product possibilities?
We’re there for you”

Who we are

Back in 1929, a new high-end embroidery garments company opened their doors. On that day Hongyiwu was born. With 600.000 spindles a year, it didn’t take long before they had a big occupation of the Chinese market. After the reform of state-owned enterprises,
almost 65 years later, Mr. Zhong took over the company. The name took place for Hongyiwu Fashion, but the quality stayed.
Now, more than 25 years later, we’re even further. We’re Mercury.

We’re energetic, ambitious and imaginative and are always one step ahead of the latest fashion trends. Our passion is flat knitting in all kinds of knitwear, like merino, wool, cashmere, silk, viscose, etc, blended knitwear, from 5GG, 7GG, 9GG, 12GG, 14GG, to 16GG.


Our masters

Younfeng Chen

A menswear designer and process technologist. With 20+ years of craft work experience, Youfeng masters the knitting process from a to z.

Cui Yang

An all-round process technologist. Cui is fully skilled in the transition from the design point of view to the process.

Guogiang Jiang

A programmer with 15 years of experience. Next to that? Guogiang is a true STOLL 530HP expert.

Linfeng Shen

A very experienced fashion designer. Linfeng is always one step ahead when it comes to the newest generation of knitwear.

Songxiang Tang

A fashion designer with 25 years of experience in design and product development. Songxiang even worked with Zegna

Fangdi Zhang

A sports fashion designer with 15 years of experience in sweater design and development. Fangdi will never stop learning.



Laan van Vredenoord 33,
2289 DA Rijswijk
(070) 711 8627